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Annual Pledge Drive


Thank you to all of the Beethoven families that have contributed to our Annual Pledge Drive so far.  We are asking all families to participate in whatever way works for their family. However, local schools ask for $1,500 per child.  By kicking the year off with strong support, we can ensure the school is able to continue providing the added programs and staff that make Beethoven so special. No amount is too small.

Who facilitates our Beethoven pledge drive?

Friends of Beethoven (FOB). FOB is a non-profit booster club set up to assist Beethoven Elementary with maintaining, enhancing and supplementing Beethoven with resources and funding.

What is our pledge goal for 2019-20?

Our current pledge goal is $155,000. If every family donates we might be able to meet this goal. Remember no amount is too small.

What types of resources and programs does the pledge provide?

  1. Teacher Assistants
  2. Homework Lab - FREE
  3. Physical Education Equipment
  4. Field Trips
  5. Supervision Aides
  6. Visual Arts Teacher
  7. Fitness Programs and Events (Morning Miles, Fitness Challenge)
  8. School Supplies
  9. Software License (ST Math)
  10. Coding Program
  11. Computer Specialist

What if I can't donate a lot of money?

Every dollar helps, please donate to your ability.

Is there a link to pay online?

Yes, you can pay using PayPal. Click here

Does the school collect the pledges?

No, the school does not accept the pledges. Th pledges are coordinated by FOB and go directly to FOB. You may leave your donation in the office and we will place it in a locked box that only FOB has access.

Can businesses and corporations participate?  

Yes, we FOB has developed a variety of opportunities to connect businesses with the Beethoven families and community.  You can learn more about this program by reading our sponsor letter and accessing our donation form by clicking here.

I have more questions who can I contact?

You can email or speak to Beth McPhee, FOB Treasurer. Her email is [email protected].