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Reading & Math Support

How does Beethoven support student's who need additional reading and math skills?



At Beethoven we are committed to the success of our students. First instruction in the classroom is crucial to a student's academic success. Every teacher differentiates to ensure the needs of individual students are met. Differentiation involves tailoring lessons to reach all students those who can be challenged more and those who may need additional support. Differentiation may include flexible grouping with students rotating to centers. The centers may be lead by an adult giving a smaller group of students more one-on-one support. Each classroom has a teacher assistant who is also utilized to provided individual and small group support.

After School Intervention

At Beethoven we allocate funds each year for targeted assistance intervention. Intervention allows teachers to support students in small groups who need additional help in reading or math. By utilizing data from test scores, informal assessments, SBAC tests, DIBELS and teacher observations, students are specifically selected to take part in intervention. Intervention may last 4 - 6 weeks on average.

Learning Center

Another way we support students is with our learning center. The learning center is apart of our Resource Program. The learning center allows the resource teacher and a special education assistant to support students who are falling behind in reading or math. The resource teacher works closely with the classroom teacher to find out which areas are in need of support.

​​​​​​​SSPT - Student Support and Progress Team

If a student receives in-class intervention, after school intervention, support from the learning center and still struggles in reading and math, they are candidates for a SSPT meeting. The SSPT is the Student Support and Progress Team. The team consists of a special education teacher, general education teacher, parent, administrator, school psychologist and other school team members as needed. The meeting will help identify other areas of support and the next steps to ensure the student is successful.