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Morning Miles

Let's Get Ready to Run!

Beethoven is proud to have a rubber track. Through our parent organization, Friends of Beethoven, we offer a Morning Miles program before school starts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. From 7:30am to 8:00am students and families run the track while staff member keep record of each lap. Once students run a mile (6 laps) they will receive a special keychain. Students keep their keychains on a necklace and wear them with pride. At the end of each semester students who have run 10 or more miles (1st semester) or 20 or more miles (2nd semester) receive a medal. Also at the end of each semester students who have run a marathon (26 miles) are recognized. The highest marathon runners will receive trophies celebrating their achievement.
Our 5th graders who take the Physical Fitness Test also run the track every morning. However if a 5th grader runs the track during Morning Miles, they receive a pass and do not have to run with their class on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning. In turn these students can complete assignment or do other physical activities.
Thanks again to our parent group, we have a wonderful culminating activity in April called "Fitness Challenge" in which students gets to participate in many different physical obstacle courses and munch on healthy treats.