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Growing Great

Growing Great @ Beethoven

 Growing Great’s mission is to empower every child to grow up healthy through science-based and nutrition education.

 Growing Great trains several parent volunteers at our site to deliver three to five 35 minute classroom nutrition lessons. All lessons support State Content Standards, Nutrition Competencies federal District Wellness Policy requirements, Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. 

Growing Great Educational Themes:

  1. Plants, animals and people all need food and water to grow.
  2. Fruits and vegetables are grown in gardens.
  3. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) experiences are closely related and can be found in your garden.
  4. You feel better when you eat a variety of colorful, whole foods that are close to their original source.
  5. Wherever you live, we will help you find healthy, local,  seasonal, and organic foods in a store or formers market near you.
  6. Making healthy food choices affects your overall well-being so that you can think, feel and perform your best all day long.