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Visitor's Policy

Visitor's Policy & Volunteering

Beethoven is a community school that embraces and relies on the support of parents and volunteers. Serving and protecting our students are a priority at Beethoven. To that end, all visitors must receive approval, sign in/out and receive a yellow visitor's pass in order to visit the school during regular school hours.
In order to volunteer and interact with our students, the LAUSD online volunteer application must be completed. Additionally a recent TB and fingerprints will also be required. Fingerprints will be required from a LAUSD site. You can complete the application click here​​​​​​​. Mrs. French, the school office manager, can assist anyone interested in becoming a volunteer. Volunteers include parents, grand parents, community members, student teachers and anyone who will be in direct contact with students.
Thank you for adhering to our policy and helping us protect all of our students including yours.