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School Policies

Beethoven is such a wonderful school and community. We set up a the following policies and protocols below to ensure we maximize instruction and ensure the safety of our beautiful campus. Thank you advance for adhering to these policies.


  • Birthday are to be coordinated with the classroom teacher and only celebrated on Fridays. Please keep it simple with cookies or cupcakes. Keep in mind alternatives for students with allergies.


  • Students should wear sturdy, safe shoes like athletic shoes with bottoms that grip and where their toes and heels are covered.
  • Please do not allow students to wear sandals, open toe, open heel, or shoes with heels as this becomes dangerous while playing.
  • Some shoes to avoid are sandals, open heel Crocs, flip flops, dress shoes, Birkenstocks, high heel shoes etc.
  • For special occasions like orchestra spring concerts, picture day and culminations, dress shoes may be worn but is it advised that students bring an extra pair of shoes in order to play on the yard.
  • Please remember that Fridays are psychomotor days so athletic shoes are highly recommended. 


  • To ensure safety, we have a closed campus from 8:15am until dismissal. All visitors/volunteers must come into the office, sign in and get a visitor's pass if they are staying on campus.
  • Again, to ensure safety, we do not open the school gates before the dismissal bells. Please kindly wait outside the school until the bell rings.

After School Pick Up:

  • After school our green security gate can be accessed for entry until 4:30pm. After this time, any parents picking up children must enter through the staff parking lot gate.

Staff Parking Lot & Gate:

  • Please do not prop the staff parking lot gate with a cone or trash can at any time. We have staff who will prop the gate after 4:30pm to allow entry for after school program parents.
  • Please do not park in the staff parking lot until after 4:30pm.

Green Security Gate:

  • When using the security gate, please always wait to be buzzed in.
  • Please do not request that a child or staff member open the gate for you as this diminishes our office staff's ability to view all visitors prior to entry.

Arriving After 8:10am:

  • If your child is late to school, please come to the office to fill out a tardy slip. Kindergarten students will be picked up by buddies to go to class and students 1st-5th may go to class by themselves.
  • Once school starts, we do not send parents to classrooms to drop off students, backpacks, lunches or other items as this disrupts the classroom. We will deliver the items or have the child pick up the item with a buddy.

Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters:

  • Please remember to walk your bike, skateboard and scooter on to campus. Riding bikes, skateboards and scooters on campus is not allowed due to safety.

Kindergarten Yard:

  • The kindergarten yard is no longer open after school. Families are welcome to play on the big apparatus on the big yard after school as long as students are supervised.

Cell Phones & Smart Watches:

  • Many students have either a cell phone or a smart watch. These electronic items are a distraction and we recommend that they are not brought to school.
  • Using a cell phone or smart watch during school hours, filming or photography is not permitted.
  • Please remember that smart watches include watches such as Vtech, Apple watches, and Verizon Gizmo watches to name a few.
  • Please remember that in an emergency you may call the school from 7:30-4:30pm and you may contact your after school program directors, Mr. Corona, STAR, at 310-961-0147 or Coach Henry, YS, at 310-256-1244.


  • Teachers offer many ways to volunteer in the classroom so please talk to them about these opportunities. Should you become a regular volunteer, please fill out the online volunteer application at www.volunteerapp.lausd.net and see Ms. French. No finger-prints are needed, only a current TB test.

Thank you for working with the Beethoven staff and administration on ensuring your student optimizes their school day and that we maintain a safe and secure campus.