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Beethoven Elementary is one of the only schools on the Westside that provides instruction in computer coding (programming) during the regular school day. Instruction is provided by the support of 9 Dots, a company that “creates original STEM projects that teach students to explore, inquire and innovate.”

We are devoted to assuring that our students learn critical thinking skills, which are essential for success. Knowing how to code improves problem-solving and thinking skills, both of which are transferable and empowering. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said, “Learning to write programs stretches your mind and helps you think better...it creates a way of thinking...[that] is helpful in all domains."

The next leaders of Silicon Beach can get their start at Beethoven Elementary School!


Beethoven has an expansive "learning garden" at the back of the school campus. The garden includes several trees, plots for planning, over a dozen fruit trees, a composting area, benches, and several areas for classes to sit and learn. Teachers use the garden to connect big ideas taught in the classroom and provide hands-on opportunities for learning. After-school enrichment classes are offered to further explore the garden and learn about nature.


We are pleased to accept universal transitional kindergarten students at Beethoven. UTK is the first year of a two-year program that uses a modified curriculum that is age and developmentally appropriate. It is a bridge between preschool and kindergarten for children who turn 5 years old between September 2nd and September 1st for the upcoming school year.


The “Share and Care Through Art” program, funded by Cedars-Sinai, is an art therapy program for students who need additional support to get through school.


Our Resource Program is an integral part of the Beethoven community. Our team develops an individualized educational program that provides the necessary supplementary aids and services for the student to make steady gains. We are proud of a PALS (Preschool for all learners) program that supports the needs of preschoolers in our community.




Our teachers ensure that every child receives the best reading instruction. This program is systematic and provides a solid infrastructure of skills that build upon each other. Our students become confident and successful readers and thinkers.

Focusing on the goal of fostering lifelong writers, the Writer’s Workshop approach to writing allows students to spend the majority of their time putting pencil to paper, ensuring a maximum amount of practice time. Writer’s Workshop is designed to emphasize the act of writing itself. Our students write frequently, for extended periods of time on topics of their own choosing.

Additionally, the use of Reader's Workshop is to teach students strategies for reading and comprehension. Reader's Workshop helps to foster a love of reading and gives students a chance to practice reading strategies independently and without guidance. 


Math instruction is based on the new California Standards (formerly Common Core Standards) in Mathematics. Math concepts are taught using a variety of materials. The standards-based instruction incorporates manipulatives, intervention materials and technology. Focus is also placed on math content and math practices. Math content is what students are learning and math practices are how they are learning. Math practices include understanding problems, explaining their thinking, solving problems in different ways, and using math tools to name a few.

We also implemented a math practice called, CGI, Cognitively Guided instruction which focused on developing a student's authentic way of solving math problems. CGI is based on more than 30 years of research. CGI emphasizes conceptual development that encourages students to become independent problem solvers and critical thinkers. 


Amplify Science and Foss are implemented to provide our students with experimental learning activities. Our science lab ensures that our students learn with a hands-on approach to science. Every classroom has a raised Garden Box and in coordination with Growing Great, our students plant, grow, cultivate, and eat some of their own vegetables. Teachers also are trained by Trash-4-Teachers to implement our T-4-T mobile cart which reinforces the new science standard, engineering. Teachers are implementing the new Next Science Generation Standards and the newest concept engineering into science instruction.


Beethoven has computers in every classroom and a designated, newly remodeled, computer lab. Beethoven also has several mobile iPad carts and a Chromebook cart that teachers can check out at any time to help integrate technology into their instruction. Our newest initiative is to encourage our own 1-to-1 program in which student bring in their own Chromebook laptops in addition to donated Chromebooks in order to ensure every student has a laptop to work on every day.


Global awareness and multicultural learning are stressed in our Social Studies program. Lessons are aligned to the state content standards. Scholastic News is utilized by teachers to enhance the curriculum. Curricular field trips allow for experiential learning.


Beethoven offers a phenomenal arts enrichment program. The PS Arts Foundation (from Crossroads) provides art and music teachers for all grade levels.  Additionally, Beethoven provides students with the unique opportunity to work with a resident professional artist on a weekly basis. Playwriting funded by the Young Storytellers Foundation teams mentors with students to write a stage play and brings in professional actors to perform the play. Beethoven has a student orchestra led by an instrumental music teacher for grades 3-5. Students also visit 826LA right here in Venice where they can take part in rich art activities related to the curriculum.


Students are provided with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to actively maintain their health. The classes include general fitness, team games, and fun music exercises. The program teaches good sportsmanship, which develops into good citizenship. There are two Physical Education teachers and teachers teach PE on a weekly basis. Additionally, our parents spearheaded the morning miles program in which students run laps in the morning before school and a fitness challenge celebration in spring.